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Norma Baum

  Norma Baum


Norma Baum is a founding member of the Cirque de Flambe ensemble. She contributes to its bold and free spirited exploits as a fire and pyrotechnical performer, tech crew, fire clown, and fire sculptor. Did we mention she plays with fire? In keeping with that tendency, she also plays with Maque daVis, her SO (Sizzling Other).

Over the past 15 years, Norma has performed in a variety of community performance projects and festival events. She is known as a devoted volunteer, volunteer coordinator, event organizer, artistic collaborator, mummer, clown, buffoon, giant puppet maker, creator of skits, costumes, masks, props, sets, floats, written ensemble pieces, and in addition is quite skillful in acquiring, organizing, packing, unpacking, and cleaning up stuff, fluffing and feeding the troops. Included in the many headdresses she wears, Norma performs in the Fremont Arts Council Solstice parades and events, with the roving mummers troupe, Risk of Change, at Oregon Country Fair, with Islewilde’s summer community pageant, at Burning Man, with Fremonster Theatrical, at the annual Fremont Oktoberfest Chainsaw Pumpkin Carving Contest--actually, anywhere she and her unruly cohorts can find an excuse to make perfect fools of themselves. Also, don’t let this stunning photo of her confuse you. In the daylight she more closely resembles Maque daVis’ little brother.

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