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How Do You Like Your Chicken?

Well done of course.

Our New show for 2005 debuts MAY 21 and 22 in Vancouver BC. with vaudevillian flair, In The Shadow of The Giant the Master Wizard ringmaster guides us through the Cirque de Flambe tall tales of laughable bravado and blunders. All ages will leave with fond childhood memories, except now those memories crescendo with more pyrotechnically-armed fire performers per square foot than any childhood could ever imagine.

Some shows dare to call themselves the wildest show, or the greatest show, but only one show is brave enough and crazy enough to present themselves as, The Hottest Show On Earth! Delight in watching actual clowns being burned in Circus of Fire!

Clown Chaos is so hot, it was banned in Ballard! As a local resident stated; "This show is too long (75 minutes), too loud (crowd applause), and the content of the show is wrong, wrong, wrong! (clowns fighting with fire)"

These Masters of fire from Fremont have worked their combustible magic to present the wildest show they can show on a stage. You will be in awe when you see what they can do before your very eyes in the Vareties of Fire

For more information and booking opportunities for our fabulous shows that have been described as, "More circus than you see at a fire, more fire than you see at a circus!" Contact the Cirque de Flambé!

Upcoming Events

In The Shadow of The Giant

Vancouver BC, May 21 & 22

Seattle WA in July,

Black Rock City NV in September,

Reno NV in October

Past Events

Oh the fun we've had! Have a look at what we've already cooked up.

  © Copyright 1998-2005 by the Cirque de Flambé. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 1998-2005 by the Cirque de Flambé. All Rights Reserved.