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In The Shadow of The Giant

Sat., Sun., May 21, 22, 2005

All shows - 9:30 p.m.

1601 Ontario St. at 1st Ave., Vancouver, BC
Science Center Sky Train
100 meters to the south of the Science Center along False Creek

$20.00 Adults
$10.00 Children under 15
Free to children under 5 (Parental guidance suggested, as performance includes unusual acts of fire and pyrotechnics)
Free parking on site

Tickets for Adults available on site or pre sale at the following stores :
Red Cat Records 4307 Main St 604-708-9422
Zulu Records 1972 W4th Ave 604-738-3232
Scratch Records 726 Richard's St. 604-687-6355
Highlife Records 1317 Commercial Dr. 604-251-6964
Noize Records 540 Seymour St. 604-681-7007

Tickets for Children available on site only

Bring lawn chairs and blankets

Information and Publicity Photos:

Interviews and Promotional Appearances:
Maque DaV�s - 206-297-3255

Vancouver, BC � Victoria weekend in May brings the world�s only flaming vaudeville circus, the Cirque de Flambe. The latest production of this local troupe, In the Shadow of the Giant, will set Vancouver into a fantastical burst of inflamed clowns, Robots and Jugglers.

In the Shadow of the Giant is the collaborative by-product of 33 artists� imaginations, made uniquely evocative when combined with fire. �Cirque de Flambe prides itself on taking fire to new heights of beauty, comedy and awe,� said Maque DaV�s, Artistic Director. �In true circus style, we use our hard-won skills in performances that play with on our audiences� natural apprehension of fire, while stealthily employing safety precautions that assuage even the toughest Fire Captain.�

With vaudevillian flair, the Master Wizard ringmaster guides us through the Cirque de Flambe tall tales of laughable bravado and blunders. All ages will leave with fond childhood memories, except now those memories crescendo with more pyrotechnically-armed fire performers per square foot than any childhood could ever imagine.

In the Shadow of the Giant�s displays are brought to a resounding vibrancy by the Fremont Philharmonic. Orchestrations are 99.99% original music by Seattle composers Fred Hawkinson, Stuart Zobel and Jeremy Reinhold. �We are going to ridiculous lengths to please you,� assures band leader, Fred Hawkinson. �Calisthenics, diet regimes, fireproofing and something brand new.�

Cirque de Flambe has presented West Coast performances including Spokane First Night, Utah Arts Festival, the Bellevue Art Museum, Northwest Folklife Festival, Edmonton Fringe Festival, Seattle Fringe Festival, Tacoma First Night, Burning Man Arts Festival and numerous local appearances.

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