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Maque da Vis'


Artistic Director, Performer

He was born under a fire sign, but was quenched with water at an early age. He grew up in a strict home, not being allowed to explore his fascination with matches and newspaper fire sculptures, after a tragic Sunday morning escapade. In his developmental years, a strong interest in chemistry proved to be the neighborhood�s undoing on many occasions. He was not adopted by the local fire station as fire boy of the decade, but in the running for the lesser titles of firebug and burnboy. He grew up knowing the flash points of many obscure flammable materials and the roasting temperatures of all the local bugs. Out of fear, a distant school offered to teach him the laws of physics and biology, but this too ended in a rather tragic affair involving one of the mascots, the panties of the all cheer leading squad and a pissed off tennis team. No known fire was proven to be involved, but the smothering remains, to this day, mark the spot of the incident.

Maque was exported to Europe for a required period of morning and national relief, but the collective governments of the countries he visited in his blazing meandering, demand payments for the loss of too many buildings, towns, and yes, dog pounds, for the United States to avoid anymore responsibility for exiling him.

He was air dropped into the middle of a southern desert, only to find himself at Burning Man 1997. This blazing awaking on the playa left him emotionally thrilled for several years, requiring a pillage to the holy spot for meditative purposes each year.

And even today, he remains quiet and pensive about water, and wildly excited about fire. He was garnered a following of similar crazed arsonists and innocents who are all driven to exceed his wildest imaginations. Pity the poor world that is inflicted with his sense of humor and creative. Please light a match and hold it high in honor of his accomplishments, the total banning of his work in many alien lands.

Otherwise Maque today runs the theater troupe known as Cirque de Flambé. His work bio is as follows:

  • Maque da Vis' is a compliance inspector for the State of Washington, Department of Labor and Industries (DLI), and also a Hazardous Materials Specialist. He specializes in chemicals, biologicals, and radiation. He performs safety and health inspections, which can include UN0335, 1.3 (Class B, Display Fireworks) pyrotechnical shows for DLI.
  • He holds a Washington State UN0335, 1.3 (Display) fireworks license, Utah Display Fireworks license, a limited Oregon Pyrotechnics license, and holds a certified UN0335 fireworks technician license and a Theater Artiste Pyrotechnic card currently in Canada.
  • He has performed large scale fire shows at Burning Man 97', 98', 99', & 2000 which included pyrotechnical materials as well as fire.
  • He has performed at Seattle Fringe Festival 1999 & 2000, as well as at ArtsEdge, 1999.
  • His show, Cirque de Flambé, as performed in the Edmonton Fringe Festival 2000.
  • His new show, The Verities of Fire, was performed this year at the Utah Arts Festival to rave reviews and local newspaper front page coverage.
  • He is an international fire artist as having performed in Canada & Taiwan.
  • His consistent goal is to perform a safe show, so the Cirque can be appreciated for its safety as well as the show.

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