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Fred Hawkinson

  Fred Hawkinson


By day I'm a musical instrument repair technician and by night I'm a trombonist and arranger/composer and sometimes a recording session musician. I've been involved with the Cirque de Flambé as a trombonist and composer/arranger since 1998. I've been musically directing with the Cirque since New Year's Eve 2001. My favorite beverage is coffee with ice and lots of milk. My greatest love is to play music for people.

My dream is to have a group of musicians just waiting to play my compositions and arrangements at any given moment day or night and constantly begging for more.


  • Walkabouts - Nighttown 1997 Virgin Records*
  • Jeremy Enigk - Return of the Frog Queen 1996 Subpop*
  • Little Boy - Little Boy EP 1998 Really Big Productions*
  • Tiny Giants - Mighty Thang 1995 Feathered Serpent (as horn arranger and performer)
  • Tiny Gaints - Totem 1998 Feathered Serpent (as performer and collaborative composer/arrranger)

* as session recording artist.

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