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Amani Loutfy



Amani Ellen Loutfy, the cutest baby that ever was born, arrived on this planet to Virginia Mason Hospital at 5:03 p.m. on a beautiful, clear, sunny day in October, the third, to be exact. She was a delightful baby, easy to care for, fun and sunny in disposition. At around age three, she more or less taught herself to read, beginning by sounding out street signs. She sailed through kindergarten and grade school, excelling in all things scholarly and athletic. Blessed with brains, beauty, good health and perfect coordination, she was able to learn to use her body with great ease, learning things like handsprings, swimming, riding a bicycle and driving a car with only minimal instruction. She was intelligent, curious, and kind. She had an active and somewhat rebellious nature, which propelled her through school at top speed, and led her to stop her formal education at an early age. This did not mean, however, that she stopped learning. On the contrary, she sought knowledge in many fields. She became a counselor a Camp Orkila on Orcas Island, and learned a great deal about camping and managing groups. She then proceeded to resume formal schooling and earned a degree as a massage therapist, graduating with honors. This was not to be her true calling, however, and after traveling around the country on various trips, she decided to work in the restaurant business for quite awhile, and she learned all phases of this business. She then became employed by a company and after learning a lot about it, she settled down into steady employment. In the meantime, she learned henna tattooing, beading, jewelry making, and other artistic pursuits, in which she experimented, until she discovered fire dancing, and this seemed to be the form of art about which she is most passionate and committed.

She is a reader of fine literature, a devotee of music, with emphasis on jazz, she loves to dance, to swim, camp, travel, hang out with friends, is on the path to spiritual enlightenment. She is a beautiful, thoughtful, loving person with a wonderful heart and a deep and beautiful soul. The fact that this was written by her mother does not mean it is exaggerated in any way.

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