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Kay McInnis

  Kay McInnis

Stage Manager/Performer

Yeah yeah yeah, as i said, how can someone who has no life have a bio? someone who has to have a day job to pay the bills and refuses to live on what she can make wrangling performers (maybe as much as $100 so far....hmmmm)

So, this tech by day, sun lover by nature and associate of many crazed fire fondlers by night continues this double life, strangely, much to the delight of her 82 year old mother who just loved the band and "dynamite man" in the show.

Maybe its vicarious living that keeps her coming back to stage manage for this bunch of flamingly unique individuals.

She sings gospel, owns big dogs and is the mother of teens who, by the way, are extremely suspicious of this fire based fun. i mean, if my mom does it--how cool could it be?? shhhh, its probably best to keep teenager boys and fire some distance from each other.

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