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Scott Millican

a.k.a. Canis


Company Manager, Performer, Monster

Scott Millican, a.k.a. "Canis" pulls in a double duty with the Cirque de Flambé. In addition to being the full-time company manager, he is also an astounding performer in his own right. His stongman character, "The Monster" swings a heavy chunk of comet energy and brings it crashing to the stage.

In addition, his athletic prowess is highlighted by his flaming jump roping talents. He can do the always difficult flaming double dutch, an act that requires great physical stamina.

Scott is also active in the troupe, "Risk of Change" and can be seen doing multiple costume changes all day long with touring shows with the Cirque de Flambé and at festivals such as Oregon Country Fair, Burning Man, and others.

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