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Michelle Moore

  Michelle Moore


Michelle Moore wrote down her first creative thoughts in a journal when she was eleven years old. She went on to study literature at UCLA, but spent as much time working in the Film Department and juggling out on the grass as she did reading books. After graduating, her passion for film led her to a Roger Corman film studio, where she worked long days, dressing sets and assisting film crews. Work and play united for her, and she became hooked on the arts.

It didn't take long before Los Angeles stimulated her to death. So Michelle retired to the beautiful town of Inverness (near San Francisco) where she meditated for two years and regained consciousness. At the retreat center where she lived and worked, Michelle embraced once again her love of books and ran the publishing house of this humble organization.

Then one burning summer, a shining knight arrived on her doorstep. He enchanted her and swept her away to the Old Worlds of Europe and India, where they were married. They returned to his home in Seattle, where Michelle discovered the community of Fremont and the Cirque de Flamb�. For two seasons she has been working and traveling with the Cirque.

In addition to burning by night, Michelle also entertains kids as Razzle the Clown, and continues to work with film and video. She juggles with the Cascade Jugglers, and occasionally teaches and performs. She also likes to unicycle, decorate eggs Ukranian style and spin music. But nothing for her is so consuming as playing with fire.

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